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2014 Year in Review Part I


Now, I could hash through all the beer info that lives out here on the world-wide web…but for this first part of my YIR (year in review), I think you should look back through some of the stories that populate the pages of  Craft Brewing Business.  Now remember, this is “brewing business”, so Part II, to follow a wee bit later,  will cover some of my favorite “beer” links, sites, stories, writers, drinkers…etc.

The news today seems to be hopping…pun intended.  My suggestion seems pretty simple.  If you were growing corn to make alco-gaso-cornohol…plant some hop vines and get in on the craziness that is this craft beer revolution in America.  I planted one.  It died.  I planted another.  It died.  Chased away the damn cat that was using it for a climb toy, number 3??? We’ll see.

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Get your .beer domain?

Being the type of person that needs to have the newest thing whether it’s a phone, a 8-track player or coolest domain name….it only seemed fitting that I would investigate this latest internet beer trend.

Now, in fairness, I own a few domains, probably more than good sense would dictate.  They are mine though and not hoarded under a web-rock to sell five years from now for some exorbitant fee.

But having seemed on the surface like a really neat idea;  sadly, I renew most of my current domains for about ten bucks give or take.  Paying $40 just for a domain name….not so much.


If somewhere in the near future those prices come down to a “less than specialty” level I might jump on board, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.


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My Last Beer Week Beer Master of Disguise

Stone was the  last stop on my whirlwind beer week tour, as it should be (at least for me).  They had this in cask at the bar.  This and the BLT were my “last supper”.  I think this would be a great “aged” beer.  Although, I could maybe enjoy one or three now as well. :)

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San Diego Beer Week 2014

Now with some time to compile all my notes and thoughts; I’ll take some time over the next few days and highlight my beer week experiences, what I liked, what I didn’t like and what comes next.

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Craft Beer – work – fun, please!

You would think that someone with such an intense passion for an industry; someone with such an eclectic and unique background; someone with such an amazing wealth of experience….would be a great catch for a wonderful craft beer company…you would think that – wouldn’t you?

I’ve decided either my resume is pure wort droppings or my networking skills really have failed me.  Thirty five years of real world work experience doing everything from owning a restaurant to running corporate call centers and there’s no spot in the craft beer world for me?  I find that completely unacceptable :)

Perhaps it is punishment for making my first beer of choice Natural Light…but I didn’t know any better!  And seriously, that was 1983 what other choices did we have?

It was crab that really brought me to beer.  I grew up not caring for the taste in any way shape or form.  My great aunt, who had just one leg, was basically prescribed a beer or three every night by her doctor instead of a couple of yearly cortisone shots.  Our garage was stacked with cases of Yuengling almost to the ceiling.

I could blame my beer passion on my ex, but that wouldn’t be fair.  We met over a bottle or three of Yago Sangria…another quality product lol.  It took five years of working in a German restaurant before that magical moment.  I remember it well.  Fresh crab cakes…fresh Maryland crab cakes…because of course, there are no other!  Somewhere in my brain a little synapse sent a signal to my taste buds that said….hmmmm crab…mmmmmm beer.  I had the luxury that night of enjoying some good beer, after the first obligatory Natty Lite.  I’m not certain the exact order, but I think it went…Hofbrau Oktoberfest then Pilsner Urquel then Becks Dark.

I wasn’t an imbibing lightweight, as college had introduced me to the wonders of Mr. Daniels and a bottle or two of Yago or even Strawberry Hill were mere aperitif’s.  That was a great night those first beers.

Now….thrity years and a boat load of experience later….what is the problem?  I see it all around me though so it’s not as unexplainable as it might seem.  I’ve worked with quite a few great people in the past few years who should be doing such greater, grander things as well.  We are stuck in a career rut…not at the end…but close enough to see it from here.

I’d be inclined to blame it on San Diego, but that’s not fair either…sadly it just comes down to age.  At 54 there are a lot of younger beerites who will theoretically work for less and do the job.  I find it sad that I’ve discovered this to be the typical HR mindset.

On the other hand; I am privy to the nugget of inspiration that wants to become ERA’s…the Bar of Distinction.  A progressively unique and special bar experience where everyone sits surrounded by hues of red leather and rich mahogany in the sultry opulence of what might have been a luxurious speakeasy …back in the day.  If I had the $500k in my pocket to kickstart that venture we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.  Perhaps we’re still looking for just the right people who see the vision, who care about the concept…to make it happen.

Next step…keep trying.  It’s not my fathers generation where you went to work for a company and spent 40 years there.  I’m ok with that.  I really enjoy the challenge of the new and different.  Perhaps it is my opportunity to do it my way.  To contribute to an industry, a lifestyle on my terms.  I think I’m ok with that.

We’ll see…won’t we.


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